Similarly to preparing for your egg retrieval, the best course of action when preparing for an embryo transfer is to focus on improving overall health. A healthier body is never a bad thing and could lead to improved IVF outcomes, maternal health and even the health of your offspring.


The great news is, your uterus does not age. Once you have embryos in the bank, you can take as much or as little time as you want to go into your transfer depending on your family building goals, current life stressors, how tough retrieval once and overall health status.


Regardless of when you decide it’s time to transfer, here are some things to focus on when it’s time to build your lining.


When it comes to lining, it’s all about blood, both quantity and quality. Believe it or not, in Chinese Medicine, one of the biggest factors that affects blood is an overactive mind. The theory is that the more mental energy you expend through excessive thinking and rumination, the less energy your body has to build blood through good digestion and nutrient absorption. So the first recommendation I give is to find tools and strategies to regularly calm your mind.


This can include meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, leisure walks in nature, acupuncture, and simply spending time outdoors. These things will help to quiet the mind which can help with building blood. They can also help with the next thing, which is improving sleep quality and quantity, aiming for 8-10 hours.


Preparing for your transfer is the perfect time to be militant with your sleep habits. This can help to build blood and it will also help with the mental and emotional toll of the whole process. Here are the best lifestyle tips for improving sleep.


Ok, we said earlier that preparing for transfer is all about right? Well that blood also needs to get to all the tissues on the uterus. This requires great circulation. The next step in your transfer preparation is making sure you get some daily movement. This can be simply continuing your walking that you did before retrieval, it can be gym workouts, yoga, etc. Anything that gets you moving will help improve circulation. Decide what will be easiest for you to do and add it to your calendar as a non-negotiable.


The last recommendation I give is to eat adequate protein and iron. Most people I see, unless they are really paying attention, are undereating protein. You need high levels of protein and aminos acids to build red blood cells. In addition, there is evidence that the amino acid l-arginine helps develop the endometrial lining. You do not need to supplement with l-arginine if your dietary protein intake is high enough. This has numerous other health benefits as well such as improved blood sugar control, and decreased inflammation. I recommended about 0.8-1.0 grams per pound of body weight for most people.




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